Friday, 1 July 2011

Patriotic napkin rings

This entry is for my Girl Scouts (troop 1955) and Boy Scouts (Troop/Pack 1961).


In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to turn a “worthless” paper towel roll into beautiful patriot themed napkin rings. Make some for upcoming Independence Day party! You can adapt this idea to make ones for other occasions, too.


- Empty paper towel roll
- Tri-color fabric ribbon
- Scissor
- Pencil, ruler
- Hot glue

- Measure towel roll in one-inch intervals (or longer if desired). Mark it.
- Flatten the roll and cut across it (adult's work!)
- Glue one end of the ribbon strip. Place into the cut roll, starting from inside. Remember to angle the ribbon a little bit. See picture.
- Wrap all the way around with a slight overlap. If you come up short, just use another piece of fabric ribbon to complete the wrap. The wrap must end at the inner of the ring.


  1. co chom oi, co the chi cho chay cach lam cai napkin rings mau tim dc ko please please

    1. Hoang, cái napkin ring màu tím thì cũng giống cái này: cuốn ribbon xong thì thắt thêm cái nơ bên ngoài rồi dùng hot glue dán lên thôi.


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